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How I started my planting journey

If you have always wanted to try growing something but have been intimidated by that thought, or if you've gotten your fingers burnt by killing a few plants before, then this blog post is for you! The truth is, no one is born with green fingers. Planting, like so many other skills, is something that takes practice, patience and perseverance! And as I found out along the way, good growing medium and seeds are just as important.

My planting journey began when I got a place of my own, and I wanted an indoor garden to enliven the space. I bought several cacti, a dracaena plant, a money plant, etc. - I basically chose plants that are supposedly easy to maintain and suitable for beginners. As it turned out, I managed to kill most of them.

It was a steep learning curve for me, but I found myself addicted to watching my beloved plants grow, and in particular, the amazing feeling of discovering new shoots emerging every now and then.

And so I decided to start again, this time by focusing on growing a small portion of my own food, starting with cucumber and basil (which has since become one of my favourite crops to grow!).

I was also motivated by a new goal of trying to be more mindful of what I eat. As a busy urbanite, I rarely eat home-cooked food. Often, I do even know what goes into the food that I consume outside at restaurants and eateries! Now, whenever I use any of my crops in my own cooking, I don't just feel the satisfaction of harvesting the fruits of my labour, but I also get the assurance of knowing that the food going into my meals are organic, pesticide-free produce. And best of all, they taste delicious!

Now, I'm not advocating everyone to be a full-fledged urban farmer; not everyone has the time and energy to do so. However, it's really simple to start small. You could start by growing herbs like basil or coriander to spruce up your own dishes once in a while; or a salad leaf like rocket that you can harvest to eat ever so often.

The feeling of savouring your very own crop is truly an amazing one. I really urge everyone to give it a go, if you haven't already.

And know that you are not alone in your planting journey!

Online Farming Community

There is a very helpful community of visionaries who have joined the farm-to-table revolution. If you encounter any difficulties along your planting journey, feel free to ask us, or ask anyone! Below are a few resources we follow, and they have been a huge inspiration to us.

Facebook groups where you can post any questions that you might have regarding your plants, or simple to follow for gardening tips! The online community is helpful and nurturing!

Urban Farmers (Singapore)


Singapore Urban Gardening


SG Container Gardening & Urban Farming


If you know of any other helpful platforms, let us know in the comments tab!

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