Bag of Seeds

Give a Gift that Grows


There is no greater gift to share than the joy of slow and mindful living. Gift them the fulfilment of watching things grow and savour the satisfaction of eating their own crop! Each Bag of Seeds consists of 12 single SeedCells with 12 varieties of seeds! Tomato, basil, rocket, lettuce, cayenne, jalapenos, coriander, cucumber, parsley, courgette, pumpkin and pea! Wow!



Price of Single SeedCell: $3.80

Price of each SeedCell in this bag: $1.23

And, you get a drawstring bag for free!


As your crop grows, you can transplant it into a bigger pot or even directly into the ground (depending on your location).


Includes Certified Organic And/Or Non-GMO Seeds

Bag of Seeds

  • 12 single SeedCells

    FREE drawstring bag 

  • How long does it take to grow?

    It takes 7-14 days to sprout, and will be ready to be harvested in 2+ months. 


    How long will it last?

    Crops will continue to grow with sufficient nutrients and light; however, after 3-6 months herbs may develop a woody stem and the leaves will become a bit bitter.


    How much sun will it need?

    Crops require at least 6 hours of direct light daily. During monsoon seasons, you can supplement with a grow light.

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