Basic Starter Kit

Everyone can be a farmer!


Our Basic Starter Kit provides the necessary materials for anyone to start growing their own edible crops. Simply fill the pot with soil and push the SeedCell right in - no tools needed! Then water them and enjoy the satisfaction of watching them grow.


As your crop grows, you can transplant it into a bigger pot or even directly into the ground (depending on your location).


Includes Certified Organic And/Or Non-GMO Seeds


Beginner friendly crops: basil cucumber and courgette! 

Basic Starter Kit

Seed Selection
  • -An eco-friendly paper pot

    -A bag of potting soil (250g)
    -A SeedCell

    -Growing Guide 

  • How long does it take to grow?

    It takes 7-14 days to sprout, and will be ready to be harvested in 2+ months. 


    How long will it last?

    Crops will continue to grow with sufficient nutrients and light; however, after 3-6 months herbs may develop a woody stem and the leaves will become a bit bitter.


    How much sun will it need?

    Crops require at least 6 hours of direct light daily. During monsoon seasons, you can supplement with a grow light.

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