Elho Self-Watering Herb Pot

Keep your herbs healthy and fresh with Elho Self-Watering Herb Pot. It is equipped with a watering system that automatically provides the herbs with the optimal amount of water of water. The water reservoir is transparent, so you can easily see when it needs to be refilled. The unique herb scissors make it easy to finely cut your herbs, bringing full flavours and aromas to all your dishes. A complete set for an affordable price!


What's more, this pot is made from recycled plastic - let's save the Earth together!


Capacity: 1.2 litre

Dimensions: 15.6cm x 12.7cm base x 16.1cm tall


Elho Self-Watering Herb Pot

$28.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Top up $10 to get fresh herbs together with the pot! 

    Choose from 4 different herbs varieties:





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